Sunday, April 6, 2008

April Fools

Okay, so I have a lot of catching up to do, and first on the agenda is April Fools Day. This is how one of the greatest April Fools in the history of April Fools went down this past week:

A little background ...
Last year Casey tried to play an April Fools joke by having my younger sister Emily tell my parents she was engaged to a guy after meeting him only a couple weeks earlier. Well, she turned it around so it became a joke on Casey, involving my dad calling him ... etc., etc., etc. Casey vowed he would get Emily back and the perfect opportunity presented itself at Easter a couple weeks ago.

The perfect storm ...
As is tradition, my dad was helping Emily with her taxes. I said something about having her Utah state taxes done and both her and my dad's faces went ever so slightly ashen (before Emily started freaking out just a little, that is). Wyoming (where my family is from) does not have state taxes so it had not even occurred to my dad to do those, and somehow Emily didn't know about them either. We immediately got started on those for the years 2005-2007 for Emily. A few days later, after everyone had gone back to their lives, Casey said to me, "I know what I'm going to do to get back at Emily."

The letter
Monday, March, 31st: Casey asks me to proofread and help him with this letter:
Casey has done some pretty great things with Photoshop, but this has to be one of the best. (By the way, Em's b-day is 5/29, hence $5,029.) We finished the letter and discussed plans. I was going to text or call Emily that night to let her know that she had gotten a letter from the Utah State Tax Commission. I decided I better do it when I know she's asleep; otherwise, I knew she wouldn't sleep if she knew she got a letter from the USTC. At 11:30, I sent her a quick text saying she had gotten the letter that day. (I later found out that she was trying to go to sleep, but wasn't there yet, so she did get the text that night and she didn't sleep very well. Oops.)

April Fools Day
Em called me during morning recess on April 1st (she's a 1st grade teacher for those of you who don't know). She asked me to open the letter and read it. I did, and could hear she was starting to get choked up. So I called Casey on my cell phone while I was talking to her, thinking if he heard me reading the letter to her he might get the idea. At one point I finally covered the mouthpiece on the phone I was talking to Em on and whispered to Casey, "Call Em right now! She's getting all choked up!" I knew it wouldn't be long before she was in full-blown tears and would be the rest of the day if no one told her what was going on. I didn't want to steal Casey's thunder, though, so I kept playing along. Well, Casey calls me back and tells me she's not answering her phone. I faked a slight emergency and asked Em if I could call her right back. I told Casey again, "Call her right now on her cell, she's expecting me." He tried, and once again called me back, saying she wasn't picking up and she was on the other line. We figured she was trying to call mom or dad. I gave Casey the number to Deerfield (her school) and told him to ask for her. He called, insisted to the secretary that he needed to talk to her for just one minute, and Em picked up the phone: "This is Miss Jones." Casey said, "April Fools!" There was a long, silent pause, and then, "CASEY!!!" She then explained to him how she was crying and talking to mom on her cell, etc. She does admit, however, that it was a pretty great April Fools joke. I told her I would be willing to be a part of any future jokes to get Casey back, but Em is pretty sure that this one can't be topped.


Christina & Jonathan said...

That's so mean Casey! But really funny too. I suggest she gets you back by sending your letter in!!

AMS said...

That is awesome! Remind me not to mess with you two in the future!