Friday, April 17, 2009

Easters 2009

(Yes, it's Easters with an 's' on purpose. If you don't know why, shame on you.)

Here we are dying eggs. Very serious business for Evan.

Here are the pictures Casey got of the boys just before Evan's pre-church meltdown.

Our little model. We're so proud.

I see now where the pink drool came from.

After church, it was discovered that the silly Easter Bunny even hid eggs out in the studio!

Let the crazy poses begin ...

Cute one of Owen and Pada Jones.

I can't believe I'm including these in here. We tried, bless our hearts.
(If you want to see what the end stages of an allergic reaction to penicillin look like, see my ugly arms.)

And then things got messy ...

But don't worry. OxiClean took all that red and pink out of this cute little white linen shirt, too! :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Random Update

Sorry it's been awhile. Things got crazy around here. I hope to be a little more regular about updating again. Part of the problem is now that Casey's studio is finished, his camera is always out there so I never take pictures anymore. Poor excuse, but it's true. Here are a few oldies but goodies.

I was lucky enough to get a Wii Fit for my birthday. The kids were cracking us up trying to copy the yoga poses and such off the box.

Owen has to copy his big brother, of course.

Some of these look a little more like Charlie's Angels than Wii Fit. :)

Okay, this one is totally random and a little gross. But this is the blood left on my carpet after Owen fell and got a tiny cut on his head that bled like crazy before I noticed. I laid him down to change his diaper and put his pajamas on and this is what I was left with. I was also left with the cutest little baby boy sweater in the world covered in blood ... which I did not notice until about a week later. Now just let me take a moment to sing the praises of OxiClean. That stuff is the ultimate kid wonder cleaner. I used to scrub all my stained kids clothes. Now I just soak them in OxiClean. And for the carpet, I just dissolved some in water, poured in on, let it sit for a few minutes, then sucked it up with my SpotBot (also a handy tool). As for the sweater, the week-old blood came out with a soak in OxiClean. I love you, OxiClean. I'm done now.

Here is Owen getting his first haircut. At 19 1/2 months old. For a little perspective, Evan's first haircut was at 9 months old. Hmm. He didn't seem to mind it. He acted a little bored, in fact.

Evan is still not so sure about the clippers ...

Easter coming soon ...