Monday, April 21, 2008

The Other Kid

I suppose we need a little update on Evan now. He is very into "sports" lately. I think this still stems from all the Wii-ing he did over Easter. One day he started asking if anyone wanted to play "cool kicks." I'm not sure where he came up with that, but I guess it's the latest and greatest soccer-type game that he invented. It involves 2 people kicking a ball back and forth. That's all there is to it. I like to see if I can kick it really hard so the ball smacks him and he laughs hysterically because it's a lot of fun with the squishy ball that we use (pictured below). It makes the game a little more exciting (somehow cool kicks just doesn't live up to it's name for me).

We finally found one of those plastic baseball bats with the whiffle balls at Target the other day. Now all Evan wants to do is play baseball. Problem is, someone has to play with him. I should have shelled out the extra bucks for T-ball. Turns out he's pretty good, though. These pictures should make his Pada Jones proud! :) Look at that form! He always gets a "thingle," "change thides" and "home wun" ... no strikes, oddly enough.
Another little story for Pada Jones ... We went to the Pead's house the other day and Evan played the Wii while we were there. (He remembered how to play every sport perfectly, by the way.) As we were walking home he said, "That was fun to play Pada Jones' games at the friends' house!"

I made a little chore chart for Evan a while back to help encourage him to help do a few things, especially brush his hair every day. Well, last week (Monday, if you can't tell) he decided that he needed to draw his own stars, rather than having me do it. So here is his handiwork. (We need to work a little more on the bed-making, I think.)

One last funny story ...
Last night we were watching "America's Funniest Home Videos" while we were eating dinner (kind of a Sunday tradition lately). A new video came on and Evan says, "Holy cwap, it's a bird!" Hmm ... where could he have possibly learned that phrase??? :)


katealyson said...

Classic! I seriously want to hear him say that! haha You sure have some cute kids. I'm glad they take after their Auntie Kake! Can't wait to see you all.

Becky's Place said...

So fun to see your adorable boys!

nowhere man said...

I bet he learned it from his Auntie Kake!