Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, Evan!

Okay, so this is, like, pushing 2 months late, but I got a little behind on everything with all the hullabaloo surrounding the studio open house. (Thanks to everyone who came, by the way. It was great fun and we appreciate everyone's support.) And now ... Evan's birthday, which happened January 4th.

It was a big day for Evan. He actually turned 4 on his first day in Primary as a Sunbeam. He's the oldest one by several months. He wanted a chocolate cake with blue stars. Well, I aim to please. (When the requests are that easy, at least.)

We had the entire Childs clan over for cake and ice cream that evening. Thanks, everyone.

The following night, we had his Aunties Kake and Em over, along with our neighbors Tim & Ashley and Mallory, Evan's friend (not enemies hardly at all anymore!). The night was a bit of a downer since Evan refused to, hmm ... how shall I say this nicely ... release his inner demons that had been stewing inside of him for several days. So we didn't get many pictures and I'm sure none of the aforementioned people will want to come back for a birthday party ever again. I don't blame them.

Happy Birthday, Evan! You are a funny, sweet, polite kid. You are a great helper and big brother. We love you!