Saturday, August 28, 2010

Easter 2010 in WY

This year we got to spend Easter/Spring Break in Cody. It was a fun change. We arrived Saturday night and had to dye eggs to be ready for Easter the next day.

I'm pretty sure Owen ate all of his Easter candy within about 1 hour.

We got to meet this sweetheart for the first time. Miss Chloe is my cousin John's little girl and she is to die for!

Even Owen likes her.

My mom made Batman and Robin capes for the boys. Unkie John (what my kids call cousin John) is always such a good sport when it comes to playing with the boys ...

Isn't she to die for???

Of course we got to see plenty of the dogs and horses ...

I think Emily is demonstrating how much her ponytail matches the horse's.

And Kate is demonstrating the importance of blending in like a fly on the horse's back.

Determined to Catch Up

Apparently last February was quite boring. I have 0 (that's zero) pictures from February. Oh well. March turned out to be quite entertaining. Mama Jones sent some costumes and the kids had a good time changing identities.

How great is this Big Bird costume??? I think I've convinced him to wear it for Halloween this year. It's hilarious!

This is Spiderman, posing as a firefighter. Or maybe the other way around???

And just as soon as they had gotten started, they were done. But don't worry. The costumes get plenty of play time.

And this is our little model. This might be an attempt at Blue Steel, but I'm not positive. I was trying to find the photos of Evan posing in the same outfit a few years earlier, but they are not on this computer. Hopefully they still exist and did not get lost in the deep abyss.