Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm fat, fat, fat...

Okay, we have to pause all the catching up for a quick look at the present. Owen's new favorite thing to do is play with Photobooth on Casey's laptop. We find random new pictures and videos on there almost every day. Here is one of his particularly hilarious videos:

Sunday, February 13, 2011

August 2010, pt. 1

August was such a busy month. It all started with an exciting event for Casey. He had a solo exhibition of his art at Communal restaurant in Provo.

It was so neat to see nearly every wall space covered with his paintings and drawings. The opening night coincided with the restaurant's monthly dinner club. We were able to come that night and enjoy some incredible food.

Several of Casey's family members came as well. We really appreciated their support and good company. (Sorry for the terrible picture ... just wanted to document who was there.)

One of the delicious courses.

Dessert ... mmmmm!

I had to include a picture of me with my dear friend, Jennifer. We used to be next-door neighbors, but I do not get to see enough of her anymore. Her husband, Joseph, is one of the owners of the restaurant and we really appreciate him giving Casey the opportunity to exhibit there. It was exhausting to prepare for, but it turned out wonderful!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wyoming Trip--Summer 2010

Last summer the boys and I headed to Wyoming to visit my parents. My mom knew we were coming, but she thought we were coming in August. We surprised her and came at the end of July. It was a fun surprise for her to answer the door and have the boys standing there. My sisters and I spent the next few days making last-minute preparations for a big birthday bash--my mom's surprise 60th birthday party. Oh, the web of lies we weaved! But it paid off in the end. She had no idea. She was completely surprised and it was a fun night.

While we were there we went to the dam Visitor Center at the Buffalo Bill Dam. It was lots of dam fun.

We saw lots of old dam equipment.

The boys had a precious moment (those are rare).

We got to look down from the dam walkway. WAY down! (Kate does not like the dam height!)

Evan got a dam penny (which he will proudly tell anyone). We also got dam pencils, dam pens ("This is my dam pen!"), dam cup holders ... lots of dam stuff.

We got to see the dam Jones brick that our family donated to the dam Visitor Center for. We had a lot of dam fun. And we kept referring to every dam thing for days on end because it really doesn't get old.

The boys got to ride on the tractor with Pata Jones.

We also got to see this little gem. Chloe is my cousin's girl and she is so adorable! She's not only easy on the eyes ...

she's incredibly entertaining as well.