Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Enough Already!

I am officially sick of winter, snow, cold, etc. I bet you can't guess when these pictures were taken ... yesterday! YESTERDAY! (And this was after most of the snow had melted!) I ignored Evan's pleadings to go play in the backyard for a very long time. Then I gave in. My efforts to get him out of my hair for just a little while so I could get a few things done totally backfired. I told him over and over and over to stay out of the mud. Then Casey covered the muddy path to the studio with boards so he wouldn't step in it. Still, I ended up with a huge, muddy mess to clean up. I sprayed off the deck and patio this afternoon (in the rain!) so as to prevent further mud being tracked through the house, but the shoes are so caked with mud they aren't even dry yet. I'm so sick of scrubbing muddy shoes. Evan must have been traumatized by my rantings, though, because today he told Casey, "I step in the mud." He did not get to go in the backyard today. Nor will he tomorrow; it's supposed to snow again. Why all the precipitation this year? Because it was the one year I wouldn't have wanted so much. The studio would have been done months ago if it had been a normal winter. Please hurry back, sunshine. And will the McKenzies kindly stop posting lovely pictures of their children frolicking in the beautiful spring weather! :)


AMS said...

I totally agree! This is ridiculous! Especially since she's been tempting us with such nice, beautiful days in between the yuck.

Christina & Jonathan said...

Mandy, I have the couch all ready for you to sleep on when you come and visit us! :) Heck, I'll even let you sleep on the bed! If it makes you feel any better it is really overcast today!

amanda said...

Thanks, guys. I'd love to come, but there's just way too much excitement YOU are missing out on here in PG. Your studio (apartment) is getting close to being ready for you. :)