Sunday, April 20, 2008

Baby Owen ~9 months old~

I can't believe it, but Owen turned 9 months old on Thursday, April 17th. He looks pretty much the same as he did in his 8-month pictures, but he sure can do a lot more. His first tooth popped through on March 31st, and the 2nd one is well on it's way. I forgot to get a picture of it (not that I could with this wiggle worm). He's shaking a string of silver beads in this first picture so it's kinda crazy looking.

I took him to the doctor on Thursday for his 9-month check-up and they asked if he was crawling yet. I told them no, but he's very close. Well, as of that night, I was wrong. He took his first little crawling "steps" and has been going and going ever since. This one is going to be trouble. Here he is crawling:

The doctor also said Owen was ready for table foods. I couldn't believe it. It seems like I just started feeding him baby food. So we've been giving the table foods a try, but he's not getting the hang of how to feed himself. He's funny like that--he'll find little pieces of paper or little rocks or whatever on the floor, and he'll pick them up and finger them like crazy, but he won't put them in his mouth. Same thing with the food on his tray. He does like to throw it on the floor, though.

Owen is still the same, sweet, easy-going boy he has always been. He's just getting into a lot more mischief now. He loves to play with Evan and can now make his way over to him at any time. He is both Evan's best friend and worst nightmare at times.

He loves baths, especially the splashing part. He pumps his arms and legs the entire time, sitting or laying down, providing the bather with a drenching shower. He hates getting his clothes changed and trying to change his diaper is a joke anymore--the rolling begins as soon as you lay him down.

We realized in church today that the next 9 months, before he goes into nursery, are going to be a joke, as well. I remember dreading those days with Evan and I can't believe we are to that stage again already.


AMS said...

I can't believe it's been nine months already! Crazy. He's so cute! And, yes, the only purpose for church the next year or so is to set an example of being there.

The Webbs said...

Hey Mandy! Becky told me where to find your blog. I can't believe your baby is 9 months already! I can totally related to the stage before nursery, landon and I spend most of the time durning church walking the halls!

Christina & Jonathan said...

Ahhh...Owen is so cute! I can't believe how big he is. Nice job crawling too! Makes me wish we could see you guys more often.