Monday, March 15, 2010

The Happiest Birthday on Earth

Kate suggested I add photos from her real birthday. Now that was a party! She, Emily and I went to California for a long weekend. We visited Grandma Berkline and on Kate's birthday, we went to Disneyland because she got in for free. It was so fun! Kate and Emily are Disneyland die-hards so it's great going with them. We were there from open until close. And it was extra special because the park was Halloween-themed.
(P.S. I stole these from Kate's Facebook. I didn't have a purse-sized camera so Em and Kate have all the photos. I would have stolen some from Em, too, but I didn't see hers on her Facebook.)

Here we are on the tram ride into the park.

I think this is in line for the Haunted Mansion. (One of these things is not like the others ...)

This was on Small World. Thank goodness Grandma gave us her fans to use that day. It was HOT!

This is Mullet Man and his woman. We enjoyed laughing at his expense.

Here is Kate, so scared of the pirates!

Here is Kate's birthday button. We kept track of how many times people told her "Happy Birthday." I think it was close to 50.

This is right before the BEST Star Tours ride EVER!
(If you get a chance, sit on the back row and lift up your feet and arms. Let the craziness take your body where it will!)

The Buzz Lightyear ride.

We got to eat dessert at the Blue Bayou. (Yes, dessert only. It's too pricey.) Little did we know that they were about to close down for good. We were lucky to even get a reservation ... and it was at 9:30PM, if I remember right.

The Blue Bayou.

On my favorite (NOT) ride, Splash Mountain.

Heading home in the deep abyss of LAX.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fall Birthdays

We celebrated both Casey's and Kate's birthdays back in ... oh, a few months ago. Does it really matter anymore? I'm still so far behind. That's okay. I'm catching up and that's what's important. Right???

Here is Casey opening a present from me (a picture of a new office chair b/c I knew he wanted one for painting but he's picky so I didn't bother with the hassle of buying one because I knew I would be returning it--I was right).

Owen with the candy that Kate gave to Casey.

A cute picture of Kate.

Casey opening a present from Evan: Lego Star Wars Wii game--just what Daddy (read: Evan) always wanted!

Oh, look ... Owen still has the candy.

I made a Mountain Dew cake for Casey since that is his favorite beverage. It wasn't that great, but I'm pretty sure Owen would have been happy with any cake sitting on that plate.

This was right before the spit ...

This was right after.

Owen and Kate playing before her birthday party.

I'm not sure what they're doing here, but it's cute.

Kate is really excited for her party. And her dessert--chocolate peanut butter bonbons.

Oh, look--Owen is joining in.

And Owen is right where the treats are. I think he likes them. They were pretty good. We had fun parties.

Family Photo Session

I have tried no less than 5 times to upload pictures from our latest family portrait session (clear back in the beginning of October), but I just can't get it to work. So let me just direct you here:

or here to see all 40 photos we chose:!/album.php?aid=34720&id=1655324036

Casey's cousin, Lisa, was kind and patient enough to do our photos. I think she is incredible. I told her morning would probably be best because the kids would not be tired and cranky. Hmmm ... well, you just never know when kids will be in one of their moods. Owen would not crack even a hint of a smile for anyone. Especially Lisa. So the photos started out with a pouty Owen and a stoic Evan. After various attempts at making Owen smile, we finally succeeded. I just remember all of us looking like crazy people, which somehow ended in Owen being chased around and laughing and smiling. Success!

Lisa took our photos in Casey's art studio first. Then we piled everyone in the car and drove up American Fork Canyon. We found a beautiful spot with all the gorgeous fall leaves and the mountains in the background. Some photos look like we are in front of a fake backdrop because it's that perfect. At that point it was a little cool, but we made one more stop by the river and the kids nearly froze to death. (All for the cause, people!) I guess I didn't plan our outfits very well, as the kids were dressed in shorts and short-sleeved shirts. But we did it and got some great photos that I am so pleased with. Lisa, I can't thank you enough.
I love them!