Monday, May 31, 2010

Way Back When Evan Turned 5

The lucky kid had 2 parties since his aunts couldn't come the first night. He got a lot of fun things, thanks to sweet friends and family.

That is the Lego cake I made. It's no masterpiece. That's what's great about a 5-year-old boy: it's blue and it's a Lego brick and that's all that matters.

Here is one of many large snowstorms we had this past winter. I spent a lot of time shoveling this year. I had to get a picture of Owen in this hat. It was a little small, but so hilarious.

The boys made a snowman.

Owen was very entertained throwing snowballs at me through the door. That's the best way to get hit by a snowball.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Christmas ... in May

Everyone please just ignore me while I catch up (still). I wouldn't care except that I want to have my blog turned into a book as sort of a family journal/photo album. So here's what happened last December ...

The boys talked to Santa ... together. (There is strength/bravery in numbers.)

We decorated the Christmas tree.

The boys enjoyed playing in the snow. I got to shovel it.

We put Christmas lights on the house with the help of the (in)famous Exterior Illuminator, T-Em.

Here she is posing with our cute snowman who put the burned-out bulbs to good use. (We discovered that even with a soft, snowy cushion at his base, light bulbs didn't make for very safe facial features for our friend. So we took his picture, then defaced him.)

I accidentally sewed my finger and managed to yank it out from the sewing machine so fast that the needle broke off inside. I was lucky--it came down right next to the bone. I was not so lucky when the doctor had to pull off my finger nail to remove the needle.

We enjoyed a cold and brief visit to Temple Square in SLC to see the lights.

Santa did indeed visit this past Christmas. Which proves the boys were good, I guess. Although there were times I would argue otherwise.

Casey designed us a lovely Christmas card with our wonderful new family photos. Sorry if you didn't get one. :)