Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Sometimes Evan gets just a little bit crazy. I'm sure this isn't a newsflash to anyone with a 3(ish)-year-old boy. Well, last night was no exception. Casey and I were trying to watch Idol (yes, we just crossed over to the dark side this year!) and Evan went berserk! This particular episode involved an old Christmas popcorn can that we use for toy storage and a lot of running around and screaming. I think the pictures speak for themselves.

Evan got the rest of the family involved, putting the can on daddy ...

and mom ... (nice self-portrait, huh?)

and, after much convincing that he would be "so soft," he even let Owen join in the fun.

I can't imagine what Owen must have been thinking. I'm sure he thought he had seen his last day. The funniest part of the night, though, was the face that Owen made after he had a couple big sneezes (due in no part, I'm sure, to having his head in a can!).

I think he looks like one of those little stress guys that you squeeze and his ears and nose pop out. I guess Evan is not the only crazy kid here.


Alice said...

I love the picture of Owen! Amazing that you had camera in hand and could capture the face at the right moment. I love your kids!

amanda said...

Thanks, Alice! And that definitely was a lucky shot! I love it when that happens (not very often)!

Wood Family said...

This is great! I love keeping up on friends and seeing what their families are up to. Looks like you've been housebound for too long, just like us. Love the pictures!