Thursday, February 28, 2008

A hairy situation

So I was thinking about chopping Evan's hair off the next time I take him to Shelby (who is a saint to even attempt to cut Evan's hair and she does such a great job on both of us every time). I love his hair, but I get so tired of hearing him scream every Sunday morning when Casey tries to make his hair look like he's freshly bathed and combed and not like he just rolled out of bed after sleeping on a wet head. This rarely works because he gets so mad that he pulls his head away and buries it in the bed, making it look worse than when they started. But if I had his hair cut, he couldn't do hilarious things like this:

What totally completes the look, I think, is the lovely pinkish juice "moosestache" (as Evan would say). Owen, however, while totally adorable in a Burger King crown, (or anything he wears, for that matter) doesn't pull off the same look quite as well:

Which is surprising, considering his rather large head circumference.


Christina & Jonathan said...

Seeing Evan without his trademark haircut would be the saddest thing in the blogosphere! I'm sure a few hours of torment and struggle every Sunday is a small price to pay not to disappoint your blog fans! But we know how you feel--every time we try to comb Ezra's hair, he looks at us and says, "goin' to church?"

shelby said...

I love his king hair! That is so funny! Did he pull it through the crown like that? We have the same struggle with Hauden. I just cant talk myself into cutting it!

amanda said...

Tina & Jon--Thanks, Evan would be flattered! I wish I could say we did his hair more often than Sunday, but we don't. We don't even do it every Sunday. He sure looks cute after his baths, though! Maybe one of these days it will end up on his little chart of things to do every day that I keep thinking of making so he'll actually do things like get dressed, comb his hair, etc.

Shelby--Thanks to you, too! He pulls his crown down around his neck, then pushes it back up and ... voila, some sweet hair! I don't know if I could really cut Evan's either, but maybe you should start thinking of some cute shorter hairstyles just in case! :)

drj1313 said...

I love his hair too, but maybe that's because I have none.