Monday, March 10, 2008

Bug Out Bob

I guess the resemblance isn't quite as dramatic as I pictured it in my head. In fact, Owen is cuter and sillier and much more squeezable than Bob.


Alice said...

This picture of Owen REALLY makes me laugh. Thanks for the smiles.

drj1313 said...

We're sitting here laughing our heads off. We can't wait to see the little tyke. btw, do you remember the name of that little squeeze toy? Mom and I think it was "Obie," but we're not sure.

amanda said...

alice--It seriously makes me laugh, too. I was trying to make it my computer background, but I can't get it larger than an inch or so. I need to blow it up and print it out b/c I want to look at it and laugh all the time, too. Glad you enjoy it.

dad--Glad you enjoy it, too. And let me refer to you the title of the post: "Bug Out Bob." Actually, I Googled "stress eyes ears pop out" to find a picture of him and he came up as "Bug Out Bob (aka Obie, Martian Popper, Popping Martian)." So you, too, are correct. It still doesn't cease to blow my mind what you can find on the Internet. I had no idea what his name was!

6 P's in a Pod said...

Those are some seriously kissable lips and cheeks!