Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What a Difference a Day Makes

Many of you saw that we finally had some progress on the Art Studio on Friday. Well, as of Saturday night, they had completed the framing. For the sake of ease, let me just refer everyone to Casey's blog. The most recent post, "The House That Casey Built" (so clever, isn't he), is the finished product thus far. Be sure to check out the bottom picture of our neighbors trying to cut down the tree in their front yard. They sure provided some entertainment that day. Oh, and don't let Casey fool you--most of the pictures of this ongoing project have been taken by yours truly. Although I will give Casey credit for the lovely panorama shot at the beginning of his post that shows the monstrosity in all it's ginormous glory!


nowhere man said...

You do take wonderful photos.

amanda said...

Poor choice of words; now I KNOW you're kidding!