Thursday, March 27, 2008


It's been awhile since I've posted so today I'll be playing catch-up. Here is what has happened in the last week and a half:

Owen turned 8 months old on St. Patrick's Day. He now sits on his own, babbles and squeals for all to hear, clicks his tongue, and has this great reaching, rolling, army-crawling thing going on. He's still a very good, happy baby.

Evan discovered our long-lost (still sort of packed away) plug-and-play Intellivision "yideo game," which he longed to play 24/7.

My parents and sister came down from Wyoming for the weekend and it was lots of fun hanging out with the whole family. The boys looked pretty cute in their new shirts on Easter Sunday.

Evan spent the entire weekend Wii-ing, thanks to Pata Jones. He was pretty amazing at every sport!

Dad got a new 'do ... courtesy of Emily ...

... who took a nap Sunday afternoon (a la Mama Jones) ...

while Kate recorded the festivities.

Evan found what the Easter Bunny brought him after his nap.

He loved his mini bowling set (the Easter Bunny knew anything Wii-related would be a big hit!)

Owen enjoyed his Target Dollar Spot bowls (the Easter Bunny loves bargains, too, I guess) ...

... and his toys ...

... but his favorite part was what was left after the bowls were taken out of the picture (safe, I know).

Evan loved hunting for Easter eggs out in the backyard.

Auntie Kake got baby duty.

I had to say hi to sweet little Ypsi (pronounced "Ip-see" ... named after "Ypsilanti, Michigan").

Mama Jones took pics of the grandkid while Missy supervised some egg-hunting.

And Auntie Em went for a drive.

Don't worry, Casey didn't leave himself out of the picture (ha ha).

On Monday, we enjoyed watching the roofers put the shingles on the studio. They were so fast I hardly had time to take pictures, but everyone can see the latest updates on the studio here on Casey's blog.

Mama & Pata Jones and Auntie Kake left Tuesday morning (boo-hoo!) and Evan once again discovered that he has toys (as opposed to a Wii). Here he is showing me the "temple" he built.

And Daddy let him pick out his own socks after his bath that night.

Here he is showing me the right one ...

... and the left one ...

Thanks, Daddy. I had to convince him that his green socks were in the laundry getting washed because he wanted to wear them again today.

Thanks for coming for Easter, family. We sure had lots of fun!


nowhere man said...

Those socks are fierce! That's one hot tranny ensemble.

Good post.

katealyson said...

Sweet pics!! Thanks for having was a blast! I loved the commentary too. Very good! -kate

(Cheryl is looking on too...she still can't figure it out herself :) )

I loved the blog...almost as much as being there in real life! -mom

drj1313 said...

I love the fotos, and I really miss being there with the boys, and I can't wait to see you all again.
Pada Jones