Friday, March 14, 2008

Pages & Moostaches

I left Evan and Owen up in our bedroom yesterday while I went downstairs for a few minutes. This is usually a safe and harmless thing to do. Well, I finished what I was doing downstairs and came back up to find this:
"Look mom, baby Owen has a page!" [cage]

I think the most interesting part of the whole thing is that baby Owen really seemed to be enjoying himself in his cage. (So then it would be okay for me to allow him to enjoy his cage a little more if I needed to contain him for small periods of time, right???) And yes, I may have grabbed the camera before rescuing Owen from this one, but don't worry, I did decide to intervene when Evan piled 2 pillows on top of Owen and laid on top of him (even though both of them were laughing their heads off).

Even MORE disturbing was the prepubescent "moosetache" Evan was sporting later that morning:

... which is why he will no longer be drinking Walmart-brand grape "Crystal Light." There is still a trace of it left today!


katealyson said...

Oh my gosh that is great! I absolutely love the stache. Man, I don't know if I can wait a week! I'm so excited to see you all! It will be an absolute blast. Maybe I will invest in your help with some music history homework... :) But anywho, you've got yourself some dang cuties!

Christina & Jonathan said...

Hilarious post today Mandy! Your kids are a riot! I love the mustache on Evan! I'll have to try that cage trick on Anika when she's getting out of line!! :)