Friday, January 8, 2010

17 photos : a recap of June 2009

Owen discovered that he loves drawing and coloring. Oh, the concentration ...

Evan and Owen really do love each other. Usually.

Boys can, and will, turn anything into weapons. This just happens to be one of the "actual" toy weapons we own, and they love it.

The annual Strawberry Days carnival began with Owen's first--and last--ride. It was okay at first ...

but things got progressively worse ...

every time he went around.

It didn't end well, and I'm sure people thought we were torturing our child.

Oh wait. Everything's fine ... now that it stopped.

Casey was the lucky one who got (er, had) to go on the "big" rollercoaster with Evan.

Owen felt better just watching all the other rides from a distance.

Like Evan on the flying saucers.

Owen enjoyed the playground while Casey took Evan on a bathroom break.

I did convince him to go with Evan and me on the Merry-Go-Round. He survived. But he would NOT sit on the horse.

Evan was back for round 2 on the cars. This time, he chose the motorcycle. Can you just hear the sound effects being made?

The Strawberry Days parade was, um, interesting. No, really, it wasn't that bad.

Em can hardly contain her excitement! It drizzled on and off, ending with a downpour on all of the various royalty girls. That made for a good parade! :)

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katealyson said...

Fer cute! I especially love the one of the boys hugging. Keep 'em commin! :)