Thursday, January 14, 2010

Summer 2009 Trip to Wyoming

The highlight of our time in Wyoming was a camping trip with Mama & Pata Jones. I'm terrible at remembering to take photos, but I did get some while we were camping.

Pata Jones was outside sitting in his chair doing his crosswords. Evan went into the trailer, got his notebook and pencil, sat down and crossed his legs and got to work ... just like Pata Jones.

The boys with their fishing (or "pishing," as Owen calls it) poles, ready to test the waters.

Venturing out to find a good pishing spot.

Our first spot. Not successful, but fun.

Our second spot. Not successful, but fun. This picture was either just before or after Evan hooked Pata Jones' head. Yikes!

The best part, better than fishing by far, was the throwing of rocks and sticks into the water. These boys will never tire of that. I love the concentration on Owen's face. He is one serious rock-thrower with one serious arm!

That is one big stick they are throwing in the water!

The boys love their Mama & Pata Jones. How did Mama Jones escape a camping picture?


Suzy said...

The fishing trip looks so fun! Start 'em young!

Heather said...

How fun! I found your blog from your Facebook page! Feel free to check out my blog too ( Your boys are so adorable and Casey's painting is amazing!

katealyson said...

Yay for camping! That was a fun trip. I vote we do it again this summer.