Thursday, October 15, 2009

Misc. Facts About Owen

1. He's cute. I mean, look at him! And those curls ... ugh--how can anyone resist?

2. Did I mention he's cute???

3. He likes to hold Putty. And babies. (I won't hold that against him.)

(Putty doesn't like to be held.)

(Some help this time.)

3. His name is Owen and he's addicted to binkies.
(Oh yeah, and he's adorable.)


Kim said...

He IS adorable and that cat is HUGE!!


Suzy said...

Oh those curls are too cute!! The fact that he likes to hold babies just proves that he will be an excellent big better start working on that ;)

Scott&Janae said...

Owen is sooo cute! I love the pics of him with the fat cat! Your kids are adorable!

Christina and Jonathan said...

He really is adorable! I think you guys are in trouble-with those big brown eyes he is going to get away with everything!!
I can't wait for the daily updates on those two! :)

Brandi said...

I completely agree that he is absolutely adorable!!! Your cat looks like a big one! We have one of those too.

Becky's Place said...

Yes, He is ADORABLE!!