Saturday, January 16, 2010

Time for a Change

I hate to admit it, especially to someone who shall remain nameless right now, but I'm ready for a blog design change. I never wanted to be "one of those people" who had a cutesy background that they got from some free blog template Web site (no offense, please), but I need a change. I tried to hint to this person who shall remain nameless (it starts with C and rhymes with "lacy") to design me an original blog. After all, "he" was the one who detested my black blog with the bright words so very much. But we won't. So until I can convince him that this would benefit him as well, or until I can figure out how to design something on my own, I will be "one of those people" (no offense, please) with the free blog template that you will probably see on several other blogs you view today. Don't be surprised if it changes quite a bit in the next little while. I have to try things on before I settle on something semi-permanent. Thank you for your patience.


Suzy said...

I am one of those people and I am very offended!! Jk, I think the cutesy pages are kind of annoying too but some are okay. I like your simple page. Keep up the blogging!

All About Teri said...

Don't worry - I'm one of those people too! my new blog doesn't even have a cute design!

Margaret said...

Fun catch up posts! How are you?