Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New 'Do

Courtesy of T-Em, aunt and hair-styler extraordinaire.

Addendum: I forgot to list a few things about Owen in his 10-month pictures. I just need to put these down "on paper" before I forget about them. Owen is obsessed with doors. He loves opening and closing them ... until he closes himself in a room. He loves throwing balls and chasing them around and throwing them again and ... etc. This is especially fun on the hard wood floor where the balls go every which way. Lastly, he hollers loudly in short bursts to get someone's attention when he's dropped his binky out of his crib. (Think of an impatient child yelling, "Mom!" ... "Mom!" ... "MOM!" ... That's what it's like, only he doesn't actually say the word.)


Pead Family said...

I love that do! I think that it is so cute on him. I love that kid...he is so fun!

Linda said...

He takes the best pictures. I especially love that first one with the far away look. How cute. You guys have the cutest kids!

Isaac and Becky said...

I cant believe how big your baby is. We do not get to see each other very much bc everytime I see you guys your kids are all grown up. :) I love your stairs they are looking amazing!