Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mother's Day

Thanks to our great friends, the McRaes, for a great Mother's Day. They invited us over to join their family for dinner. It was so yummy and so much fun. I brought the camera, but didn't take too many pictures. (I'm getting better, though--at least I brought the darn thing!) Here are a few I did take:

Evan loves the trampoline.

Sophie and Evan.

Evan and Sophie. (I love trampoline pictures!)

Even Owen loved the tramp.

Still not sure about the grass, though.

Owen really loved Rosie (sp?) ... and Rosie really loved him. Or whatever was on his face. :)

Here is Jennifer's mom with 3 of the 4 grandkids that were there.

Thanks again, McRaes. I couldn't have asked for a nicer Sunday afternoon. And let me put in a little plug for Joseph's restaurant, Pizzeria 712. If you haven't been there yet, go now! The panini sandwiches are made with the most amazing bread you have ever tasted and the braised beef is to die for! It is such a great restaurant. They support local farmers and local artists. Thanks for letting Casey be a part of it. (And I'll really try to get Casey working on your painting, Joseph!)


Betsy said...

Um, did my sister get a trampoline? I swear...the sister in San Francisco is the last to know about everything.

Alice said...

I've got to pull out my gift certificate and head over there. I kind of forgot I had it--it got put in a box of papers in the move. The box is still waiting to get sorted. I'll find that soon for sure!

amanda said...

Betsy--Yeah, and she totally bummed it off the neighbors next door who were moving.

Alice--Don't worry, I still have a few of those boxes ... almost a year later. And if you get a panini, don't feel dumb eating it with a knife and fork. They are big, crunchy, and amazing.