Friday, May 23, 2008

Go Fly a Kite!

I could say that to Evan now and he would be totally thrilled and glad to do it. We finally broke out the Spiderman kite on Tuesday. It was cloudy and gloomy and windy, but the perfect temperature for a little kite-flying. Evan was so excited he was just laughing hysterically. It was great. He actually got pretty good at flying it, too. Cost of Spiderman kite: $1 (plus tax). Cost of cheap thrills that keep a 3-year-old entertained for a good half hour: absolutely priceless!


Becky's Place said...

Wow!! I could never fly a kite and so my kids have never flown a kite. Good job.

amanda said...

I didn't notice little baby Owen in the bottom right corner of the top picture before. Ha ha! He was just crawling around eating leaves and sticks.

Alice said...

I love kites! What fun. We should get ours out more often.