Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Little Break From the Norm

Well, after a year and a half of construction the studio is finally finished. (Insert "Hallelujah" here!)

To celebrate studio550 we're having an open house on Friday, January 30th. So spread the word, it will be from 6-9pm. We're going to have artwork on display by some very talented artists around this area, you won't want to miss it. So please come by, check out some fabulous art and see the place that I've been talking so much about. We hope you'll come.

Although all are welcome, we'd prefer to have adults only please. MAP TO STUDIO

Note from the art historian in me:
There really will be some great art on display. A lot of the incredible artists in this area are a little too overlooked with all of the big names out there. If you want a cozy, mini-museum experience, come check it out. Or just come for the food. :) (But please don't hate me if we run out of food--I have no idea how to plan for this!)


AMS said...

what a great idea! i'd love to come. (this is an RSVP, so make sure to leave me some food :) haha.

nowhere man said...

sounds like a fun time...count me in!

amanda said...

Thank you for RSVPing, Aleah! If everyone could just RSVP here, that would be great! If you don't, Aleah gets your food! :)

Becky's Place said...

We got you invite yesterday!! Thanks!! For sure we'll be coming, I'll leave my babies at home :)

Scott&Janae said...

I am so excited to come and see everything. Can't wait.