Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas in Wyoming. Pt. 3, Christmas Day

Okay, well, I said I would post about Christmas Day "tomorrow" and today is not tomorrow, but things have been a little crazy around here. There was New Years, then Evan's birthday, then potty training issues, and finally a house full of sickies. So here is Christmas Day:

Opening stockings

I'm not sure what's going on here, but I love that both their mouths are open.

Owen got a toothbrush in his stocking. Santa knows that small toddlers are suckers for toothbrushes. This kept him busy for a good long while.

What else kept Owen busy? Something with a button to push and spinning lights. Santa has this kid pegged!

Sweet hair, Owen.

About 1 week before we left for Wyoming, Evan decided he wanted a blue flashlight with a black button (I wouldn't let him play with mine). I told him to ask Santa for one. It became his new obsession. And guess what ... Santa came through! (And for only $1 plus tax ... including batteries! It doesn't get much better than that!)

The other thing he asked Santa for: black dinosaur guys (a.k.a. Bionicles). Way to go, Santa!

What else keeps Owen busy? Phones.

Casey had to get him a Star Wars guy.

I was opening a box full of boxes and got to this one (an Instant Breakfast box) and Evan said, "Your very own Instant Breakfast!"

What else keeps Owen busy? Toys that you hit!

I don't remember why he got the cutest, saddest face ever, but it sure was hilarious.

What else keeps Owen busy? Toys with noise. And buttons and balls. Check, check and check.
I guess we didn't get a picture of it, but the thing that kept Owen the busiest? A large ziploc baggie full of Little People (the small, old-school kind). He carefully pulled out each one and set it in his lap as he sat on the couch. When he was done, he put them all back in, one by one. And, of course, repeat ad nauseam.

Christmas night, cheesin' for the camera.

The boys and their aunties.

Again, sweet matted hair, Owen.

Christmas in Wyoming was great. I was a little sad we missed out on the white Utah Christmas, but it was so much fun that I got over it. Especially since that white Christmas was still on the ground when we got back and the cause of several car issues. Ugh. I'm so done with the snow!

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