Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas in Wyoming. Pt. 5, More Pics From Dad


Casey opened his Christmas present early. And was crazy enough to use it.

Evan, ready for sledding (not an easy task).

The girls out sledding.

Mom and dad's tree. (Single tear ... cuz' I'm laughing so hard!)

Decorated. (Um, better?)

Christmas Eve, all in our cracker crowns.

Aunt Marsha and cousin John.

Jona and John. I take back what I said on the Christmas Eve post--THIS is the best talent of the night! Awesome, Jona!

Evan, in the midst of getting his new Christmas Eve jammies on.

All of us (er, most of us), according to height (not cool).

Couples ...

Christmas morning!

(Kate is wearing something under there, I promise.)

Yes, things with spinning lights also impress almost 4-year-olds.

A new, old-school style Big Wheel from Mama and Pada Jones (or, as Evan calls it, his "Bika-cycle Bike Big Wheel.")

Owen got an awesome Radio Flyer car that can be pushed by adults without bending over (yea!). It also has blinker sounds, radio tunes, and other fun stuff.

Way to make a mess, girls! (Ha ha.)

Everyone in their new waffle shirts/PJs (thanks, Mom!).

Owen's aunties styled his hair before his bath one night.

He makes a pretty cute girl.

Sweet new rides!

Owen fell asleep in his car as someone was pushing him around.

Oh my gosh, he actually tried the Guitar Hero!

Em has a real passion for rock.

And what can I say about this one? I'm sure Frodo appreciates his love Cabbage Patch Kid ear muffs.

Thanks for all the pictures, Dad!

This officially "wraps up" the Christmas posts (ha ha). We'll be skipping New Years, as we didn't do anything worthy of picture-taking. Next up: Evan's birthday. In a few days, I think.


katealyson said...

I will never, ever stop laughing at your prom picture ever!

Chris and Kat said...

LOVE the tree!!! I have enjoyed all of the Christmases but Pt. 5 was my favorite. How do you get soooo many pics in one post? really?