Sunday, March 20, 2011

October 2010, pt. 1

October started out with a sad event. On 10/01/10, my last living grandparent, Grandma Berkline, passed away. She had been in a lot of pain so it was a blessing, but it's always sad to see someone you love go. We went to California for the funeral and made it into a fun little vacation while we were there.

This is the drawing Casey did of my Grandma when she was younger. What a beauty!

Owen being cute.

Evan being cute.
(We had a few umbrellas for shade at the cemetery. It was so hot!)

Emily decided to participate in the funeral by being a pallbearer. This gave us a chance to laugh a little at her expense. :)

Another light moment, which Grandma would have totally approved of, came when Jenny told us the story of how Grandma reminded people that her name, Frances, was spelled with an 'e' and not an 'i.' She was a funny lady and did not want any of us to be sad when she died. She wanted a big party. We pretty much obliged.

Bye to Grandma "Brokeline," as my kids would call her. See you later!

All the cousins (a whopping 2 families' worth).

We took the opportunity to go to Disneyland and California Adventure while we were there. The night and morning before we went were kind of disastrous. The power went out on just a portion of the street my Grandma lived on. Edison International said they were on the problem, but we don't think they sent anyone out to fix it until the morning. We spent that evening trying to get ready for a long day at the theme parks by what little candlelight and flashlight light we could find in Grandma's house. We had to buy ice to keep food in a cooler (which, luckily, was still there from the post-funeral luncheon). Everyone bathed and showered by candlelight. We couldn't charge phones unless we had car chargers. We had frizzy hair because we couldn't blow dry it and we tried to put makeup on in the dark (when we go to Disneyland, we leave early and make good use of all our time). And then, 5 minutes before we left ... the lights came on. Boy were we mad!

But we still had a blast and the boys loved it as much as the rest of us.

We spent time at Aunt Carol's house and got to see her turtles, kitties, giant spiders (those aren't pets), etc.

Of course we had to visit Seal Beach and walk down the pier.

And we can't forget the traditional photo by the seal.

Casey did some plein-air painting on the beach while we walked and played.

It was a little chilly, but not chilly enough to keep us away from the water.

We hung out in Grandma's backyard for, what has turned out to be, the last time.

And no California trip would be complete without a trip to the duck park.

A new and exciting feature this year ... the giant mushrooms.

And one of the favorite traditional activities at Grandma's is bouncing all the super balls down the stairs. We are going to miss Grandma and her home. We have a lot of great memories there.


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