Sunday, May 23, 2010

Christmas ... in May

Everyone please just ignore me while I catch up (still). I wouldn't care except that I want to have my blog turned into a book as sort of a family journal/photo album. So here's what happened last December ...

The boys talked to Santa ... together. (There is strength/bravery in numbers.)

We decorated the Christmas tree.

The boys enjoyed playing in the snow. I got to shovel it.

We put Christmas lights on the house with the help of the (in)famous Exterior Illuminator, T-Em.

Here she is posing with our cute snowman who put the burned-out bulbs to good use. (We discovered that even with a soft, snowy cushion at his base, light bulbs didn't make for very safe facial features for our friend. So we took his picture, then defaced him.)

I accidentally sewed my finger and managed to yank it out from the sewing machine so fast that the needle broke off inside. I was lucky--it came down right next to the bone. I was not so lucky when the doctor had to pull off my finger nail to remove the needle.

We enjoyed a cold and brief visit to Temple Square in SLC to see the lights.

Santa did indeed visit this past Christmas. Which proves the boys were good, I guess. Although there were times I would argue otherwise.

Casey designed us a lovely Christmas card with our wonderful new family photos. Sorry if you didn't get one. :)


Brandi said...

Great photos! Such cute boys!

Heather said...

I can't believe that x-ray of your finger. I showed it to Karoline back when you had it on Facebook, and I think it sufficiently scared her into keeping her fingers out of the way when she sews! It looks like you had a great December otherwise!

katealyson said...

There were definitely some fun times in December. Hey, remember that one time when we were attempting to sew some baby blankets and that needle got stuck in your finger? ;)So much for charity!!

Margaret said...

OK - I'm grossed out by your x-ray but totally love it too. LOL. How are you?