Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Dear Blog Readers (do I even have any readers anymore?),
I apologize profusely for neglecting you for the past 2 months (has it really been 2 months since I've posted?). I won't bother you with excuses because I know you don't want to hear them, but just know that life has been ... well ... life. And that's the best I can give you.

I promise to (attempt to) recommit to regular blog posting, as long as I can somehow get my hands on a camera around here. In the meantime, please enjoy this little teaser as a preview to my up and coming post:

Look at that cute little girl in the pink crown. :)


Suzy said...

Yes you still have readers! Life get's crazy, we know. But good job coming back to the blog, keep it up!! Cute picture :)

Kim said...

I'm a reader I'm a reader! Your boys are too cute for their own good...I can't believe how much Owen looks like you! And don't be so hard on yourself. You are a mother of two small boys...'nuff said. Keep 'em coming!

Kim :)

katealyson said...

Two cute girls in cute crowns! I'm sooo excited for the new post...yay!

Margaret said...

Life is busy! Good to hear a little post. Keep them coming.

Christina and Jonathan said...

Can't wait to see your new post! Cute picture!