Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pre-Halloween Festivities. Pt. 1, Hee-Haw Farms & a Wig

We had a busy week this past week, doing lots of fun stuff to celebrate the Halloween season. There was the party at Aunt Lynnette's, of course, and on Wednesday, we packed up the family (all 3 of my sisters included) and headed to Hee Haw Farms. We didn't do the corn maze or anything, but we enjoyed all the activities, including a hay ride, hay bale slide, farm animals, corn cob cannons, and the pitch-black inflatable boo house.

Evan liked the farm animal train ride.

So did Owen ... at first. T'Em was kind enough to escort him.

This is Owen at the end of the ride.

This is Leroy, the ginormous pig.

Evan's favorite part was the building full of "working Halloween stuff" (as he called it). They had a bunch of different scenes set up with a light-up mummy, singing witch, etc. You know, working stuff. Here he is, completely enthralled.

When we got home, we played around with Auntie Kake's I Love Lucy wig. I don't know if I should be totally frightened here or what, but Evan sure does make a cute little girl.

Now THIS is frightening.

And more of that cute little girl.


Jen said...

I'm thinking Casey looks pretty hot in that wig! :)

Becky's Place said...

I love the HAIR Casey

katealyson said...

I will never forget that night! Good stuff.