Monday, November 10, 2008


I'm finally posting Halloween pictures. The kids turned out pretty darn cute this year.

Owen was a little devil (nothing other than his usual self). The horns, cape, bag, tail, and pitchfork on his chest are old--I wore them twenty-some years ago!

Evan was a mummy. For the longest time he wanted to be a witch. One day I said, "Don't you want to be something else? Like, I don't know, a mummy or something?" (That was the first thing that popped into my head.) So a mummy he was. This costume was not old. Brand new sheets, half price at Target, ripped into strips. (Good job wrapping him, honey!) Economical, fairly easy, and so dang cute. I wanted to eat him ... and the little devil, too!

And then there's T'Em. By far the noisiest and smelliest fright that night.

How is it that kids know what candy is and how delicious it is before they've even tasted any?

Our mummy was a little more ragged by the time we came back from trick-or-treating.


Christina and Jonathan said...

Great costumes! The mummy is pretty scary!!

Becky's Place said...

Darling Pictures!!