Thursday, September 18, 2008

Owen ~14 Months Old~

Well, Owen is now 14 months old and more trouble than I ever imagined a child this age could be. I say it all the time: good thing he's so cute or I might be looking into some sort of return policy. Here are a few Owen hightlights:
  • He has this great little way of saying "hi." It comes out "ah-ahh" but I know it's "hi" because he copies my sing-song intonation exactly.
  • He still walks up to, well, anyone and lays his head down on them and says "awwww." This includes the cats.
  • He still loves the cats and chases them around at will.
  • He amazes me because he knows how everything works and what to do with everything. For a long time he has known that you push cars around on the floor and throw balls. He now knows that you hold a phone up to your ear, point a remote at the TV, write with a pen, hold a camera up to your face, push the lever to make the squirt bottle squirt water (that's messy) and so many more I can't think of right now.
  • He throws food on the floor like nobody's business. I'm getting SOOOOO tired of sweeping the floor 3 times a day!
  • He is a total monkey, crawling all over everything. (You'll notice the bruises under his left eye in the photo below. He tried to crawl up onto the piano bench. Yeah. The next morning, while he was strapped into his high chair, he pushed on the table with his legs and tipped the entire chair and high chair over backwards, smacking his head on the back of the chair!)
  • He gets into everything! It's like a tornado just moves throughout the house every day.
  • He's starting to give kisses. Adorable.
Here is a photo and a video of him walking (especially for Mama Jones), and saying one of his new favorite words (sound familiar, McKenzies?). And don't forget to vote in my poll over there. Feel free to leave comments on this post about what you think I should get Casey for his birthday in 2 weeks. Thanks for your input.



Christina and Jonathan said...

I can't believe how good he is walking around like that! Wow! He and Annika should get together- they could have quite the conversations. "Uh-oh" is still her fav word.
And I think you should get Casey all those things you listed and more. Compensation for getting so old! It'll probably be a hard b-day!!

Becky's Place said...

Awwwwhhhhhh so cute!!!

Melodie said...

Wow, looks like he keeps you busy. So adorable!

Aaron Kopp Family said...

Hi! I'm melodies sister in law... and i just saw your blog on her page.. oh my gosh your kids are adorable!!!

Isaac and Becky said...

I love watching babies walk. He is too cute!

6 P's in a Pod said...

Hey, did I ever thank you for your donations for the Walk? THANKS!! You're freckin' awesome. What did you end up getting Casey for his birthday?