Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hogle Zoo

We went to the zoo last week. Casey took off on a last minute golf trip, but we decided to go anyway to make the most out of a couple long-distance errands. So after a quick stop in Ogden to get art panels, we (me, the kids and my sister Kate) headed to the zoo. Here are a few highlights.

Our first animal encounter was a standoff with the peacock. He just wandered around the grounds all day, it was great.

The elephant doing tricks.

Eating lunch while watching the carousel.

Evan being a scarecrow with the scarecrows.

This giraffe was hilarious. He had to spread his legs out so he could reach the branch on the ground. Too funny.

While the rest of us were checking out the camels, Evan was across the road inspecting all the Halloween decorations at the education office. Spooky stuff beats out animals anytime.

Owen enjoyed the camels.

Evan vs. gorilla.

Fun on the carousel.

Evan loved riding on the praying mantis.

Owen didn't think it was so fun after a minute.

Treats! (Owen loved the Dippin' Dots!)

Evan vs. orangutan.

Evan showing us how the gorilla walks.

Kate & Evan measuring up.

These 2 were funny. They were just sitting there posing. So I took their picture.

Train ride.

Evan's favorite part of the train ride.

After the zoo we took Auntie Kake to the airport. It was a fun day.


Becky's Place said...

Great pictures!! It looks like a great time. Your boys are adorable.

katealyson said...

Thanks for the fantastic time at the zoo! So much fun. And thanks for the airport limo. Always MUCH appreciated!